We incorporate bio-individual training programs, and individualized meal plans tailored to your needs. All the programs are designed to restart your metabolism and will provide you with a coach to assure guidance, results, and accountability.


Our routines will increase your metabolism, build strength, boost cardiovascular endurance, making you feel unstoppable.  Our Holistic approach will teach you how to be Mindful, Present in your “Inner world” during each workout, and achieve confidence in the “Outer World”.

We accomplish this by providing exclusive Bio-Individual programs designed by International Fitness & Health Coach expert JC Marrero, and his team of world-class wellness specialists. Whether you are getting ready to go out on tour, have a upcoming photo shoot, or want to feel strong, healthy, and see your best body ever; Flow Lifestyles will deliver the results that you want.


your personal coach

The fact is, every High-Achiever, Athlete, or Celebrity who’s had a coach always ACHIEVES more than those who don't.

Observe anyone who’s on top of the world, the results will always be the same - they've all had valuable instruction and guidance, and more often than not, it comes in the form of a mentor or coach. Its time for you to succeed and have your routines on your phone with access to your personal coach.

  • Receive your individualized meal plan based on your target

  • Track your Nutrition Goals

training routines

Track your Fitness Goals

Weather you have a gym or workout at home, you will have your own personalized workout that ranges from conditioning,cardio workouts, interval training, super sets, and progressions.

  • You will receive notes and instructions to exercises that you can view and track when starting and completing each workout

  • All workouts can be saved and printed out in PDF format.

  • Monitor your results

  • You can track workouts, nutrition, fitness targets, progress photos on your app

track your meals and macros


Track your Nutrition Goals

  • Receive your individualized meal plan based on your target



  • You will have access to message your coach

  • You will receive notifications, providing reminders for workouts and check-ins.

  • You will have a weekly call with your coach to assure results


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